Working with Dave is like working with a photographer with the soul of a wondering poet. His patience, gentleness, strength and willingness to experiment always arrives at an image that’s what you wanted, only better, somehow elevated.

Drew Hodges
Spotco Founder

David not only understood my vision for how our completed projects should be photographed, but contributed greatly to that vision in a truly collaborative process. He provided thoughtful and artistic insight, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. David is wonderful to work with, and has created beautiful, impactful images of our work that we’re proud to display.

Joe Russillo
Maple Street Design Studio Owner / Architect

Dave is quiet, thoughtful, humble. He listens and he looks. Carefully and intelligently. He embodies the quintessential qualities of the Maine character and the vision of his eye reflects that character. 

Working with Dave is a partnership. His images allow me to communicate the narrative and essence of my work to the rest of the world. I love working with a photographer who loves buildings, light and Maine because they are things that I love too.

Rosie Curtis
Rosie Curtis, Architect Owner / Architect

In collaboration with Gigi Aea Studios, Dave Clough Photography is working closely and diligently to replicate and impeccably render the variety of colors and tonality featured in my original designs, while also creating digital files needed for digital printing of these textiles in production for interior decorating. 

The digital producer of Gigi Aea Studios textiles is one of the very best textile printing mills in Como Italy. To that effect the end result of the textiles production is stunning, due in large part to the partnership of the ideal photography and digital transferring team.

David’s innate sense of artistic sensibility and studiousness, his knowledge of light, his tasteful and perceptive eye leave no room for error and deliver a perfect result, always. 

The overall effect of his photography is full of soulful narrative expressed through the brush of the creator.

Gigi Aea Studios is delighted and honored to be working in partnership with Dave Clough Photography. 

Gigi Aea
Gigi Aea Studios Artist

Dave Clough worked with me on a photo shoot showcasing my home in order to expedite its sale. We were able to sell it successfully and my realtor told me that the photos made a great impression on the buyers and prospects who looked at them. I have known Dave for years and he is not only a wonderful photographer, but he is a real gentleman and a loyal friend. I have referred him to business clients statewide and he always delivers beautiful photographs at a fair price. I feel honored to know him and to count him as my friend.

Nancy Marshall, The PR Maven®
Nancy Marshall Communications CEO

Dave has a great eye and has provided some terrific images for us. He is a hard worker. He’s a road warrior, racking up miles traveling around the state of Maine. And he’s a really nice guy on top of it — very easy to work with.

Peter Van Allen
Mainebiz Editor

Dave Clough has done several photo shoots for us over the last few years and has been a pleasure to work with! The photos are on our website and have assisted with providing many leads that have turned into large jobs for us. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dave for your photography needs!

Mark Gordon
Rangeley Building and Remodeling Owner

As an architectural photographer, Dave is a true artist in his profession.  He is a perfectionist who does a marvelous job of capturing the various aspects of a home in a creative, artistic way that allows it to be conveyed in the true character of  its setting. My reputation as a Realtor hinges on several critical factors, one of which is how my listings appear to my clients and other agents.  I put my reputation in his hands on a regular basis and I’m always thrilled with his results and proud to have him on my team!

I would highly recommend Dave to anyone who is looking for professional photography and on-line marketing features for their home or property.

Meriwether Gill
Better Homes and Gardens – The Masiello Group Realtor

Dave’s collaboration on the exhibition and research project “West of Japan / East of Europe” has been invaluable. His photographs manage to accurately depict the craftsmanship and materials’ quality in the villa while capturing its character and atmosphere. His ability to beautifully render both the tiny detail and the larger context is the reason why Dave’s work features so prominently in the project.

Marco Capitanio
Tokyo, Japan Architect