Gigi Aea

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Artist Gigi Aea, Haute Couture textile designer for Gigi Aea Studios is a fourth generation artist from the Republic of Georgia. Emigrating to New York in 1990s he distinguished himself in the fashion world of Haute Couture creating hand-painted designs for Mary McFadden, Oscar de la Renta, and Alexander McQueen. His designs have won numerous awards, and have been published in prestigious journals and publications. 


His latest project involves large scale paintings on silk, rendered at 60″ x 60″, for reproduction on fabric for upholstery and fashion applications. These hand-¬≠painted silks become magnificent worlds in and of themselves, conveying a story in rare and uncommon ways, juxtaposing colors, and creating a dazzling array of layers and hues. 


Challenging to reproduce, Gigi sought out the services of Dave Clough Photography to capture digital images of his silk canvases to be printed on fabric in Italy. Exacting detail, tone-specific color correction, and tack-sharp images are a prerequisite. The end product of his process are rolls of fabric on which the pattern repeats every five feet instead of the standard 18 inches.


His work is stunningly gorgeous, and provides both interior and fashion designers with entirely new levels of options. Custom designs to match any creative idea are available as well. Imagine the possibilities!