Yasuda House

It was a privilege to photograph the Yasuda House, in the Sendagi neighborhood of Tokyo. The former Kusuo Yasuda residence is now a Japan National Trust property. Completed in 1919, the home is a testament to the exacting standards of Japanese craftsmanship.
There is exquisite detail in every nook and cranny of the home, and nothing but the finest materials were used in the villa’s meticulously planned construction. I am indebted to my kind and wonderful guide, Sumiko Enbutsu, who so willingly shared her vast wealth of knowledge and so unselfishly made it possible for me to photograph this masterpiece of Japanese architecture. I would also like to thank Sadako Tani, the house manager of Yasuda House, whose kindness was, and still is, very much appreciated. I would like to dedicate this gallery to the Bunkyo Link for Architectural Preservation — the devoted group of volunteers who keep this dream alive. Thank you for all you do.