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01 May

Water/Glass in Atami

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Kengo Kuma’s famed Water/Glass project is positioned on a steep hillside in the resort city of Atami in Shizuoka. Sitting directly above Bruno Taut’s Kyu Hyuga Bettei, the contrast between the old and new could not be more distinct, and yet…

As noted on Kengo Kuma and Associates website,  “The design of this villa was influenced greatly by “Hyuga” Villa, the sole project which Bruno Taut had left in Japan. The design also gained influences by the philosophies of Taut. Taut’s stay in Japan lasted from 1933 until 1936. Meanwhile, his praise over Katsura Palace was ever-lasting. The reasoning for his commendation lied in the fact that the Palace frames the nature yet frames by being one with nature.

Taut specifically paid attention to mechanisms in Katsura Palace that provoked the framing of nature with nature: the eaves and the bamboo verandas. Thus, in our villa, a layer of water which gently covers the building edges signified bamboo verandas in Katsura. Moreover, a stainless louver that roofs the water signified the eaves. The water surface stretches further out and unites the surface with the Pacific Ocean. And on top of the joined surface, a glass box floats. As the box is super-imposed numerous times, refraction of materials brings in reflections of sorts. The relationship between the subject and the environment is challenged upon in various manners by re-defining and re-shaping the Katsura philosophy, yet always maintaining its fundamental essence.”

Originally built as a private guest house, it is now the ATAMI Kaihourou, a luxury hotel. A rare opportunity was recently presented to photograph its famed Water Balcony, but what I discovered was that from the ground on up, the structure was amazing … and photogenic.


01 Sep

Gagne & Son Concrete

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Summer 2016 found me photographing for Gagne & Son Concrete around and across the state of Maine.


Documenting their pavers in use for driveways, patios and pool surrounds, the extended project was a wonderful opportunity to see Maine craftsmanship at work in landscape design. From modest to magnificent properties – all were enhanced with these Gagne & Son Concrete pavers.


23 Aug

CMCA – Center for Maine Contemporary Art

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The Center for Maine Contemporary Art has officially moved to Rockland, and in a big, impressive, and beautiful way. Their new home was designed by Toshiko Mori and I was commissioned by CMCA to photograph the exterior and its instantly-iconic sawtooth roof. Several variations on a singular theme – many thanks to those who guided, assisted and helped out. Isn’t that Porsche just wonderful!

CMCA NOW – indeed!

28 Jun

Rhumb Line Camden, Maine USA

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Scott Yakovenko is at it again. First the legendary Dip Net in Port Clyde, next the wonderful Slipway Restaurant in Thomaston (click here for previous Slipway post), and now the Rhumb Line in Camden on the harbor at the Lyman-Morse Wayfarer facility. Offering seldom seen views of Camden and wonderfully fresh seafood, the atmosphere is lively, friendly, and inviting.

24 Apr

Camden Optometrist

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The office of Dr. Steven Lary, Optometrist, recently contacted me to photograph their office space, examination rooms, and equipment. They were relaunching their website and  were in need of updating their photography. A wonderful group of professionals to work with, and I love how they creatively incorporated the images into their new website. The site is now live and can be seen here.


28 Mar

Phi Home Builders

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A pleasure to work with Phi Home Builders documenting their beautiful custom made furniture and cabinets at two locations in Camden, Maine. I love the exquisite details in the bed and dresser.

30 Jul

Rockland Developments

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Mainebiz recently featured my photography in a cover story on all of the development in Rockland, Maine entitled, “Rock-Solid Resurgence”. They were spot on in their assessment.

The Center for Maine Contemporary Art (CMCA) is moving to Rockland and their Toshiko Mori designed building will open in the summer of 2016, seen below is the Executive Director, Suzette McAvoy. While CMCA’s new home is being built, they have taken up interim quarters on Rockland’s waterfront and continue to exhibit compelling and creative works of art. Luxury boatbuilder Lyman-Morse of Thomaston is establishing a land-based presence in Rockland with the construction of a five story boutique hotel at the head of Main Street – pictured below in the gallery is owner, Cabot Lyman atop the new hotel. The Farnsworth Art Museum received funding for an extensive facelift to the Wyeth Center and the building was surrounded by scaffolding a good deal of the summer season – the project is now complete and looks stunning. The Dowling Walsh Gallery on Main Street is also in the news with plans for a multi-million dollar expansion. Not pictured here is the new and very much welcomed Main Street Markets.

A rock-solid resurgence for sure.


07 Jul

East Brown Cow – Summer Shoot

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Earlier this year Dave Clough Photography was commissioned by East Brown Cow Management, Inc. The end-goal throughout the project was to provide the company with images that conveyed the level of quality they put into every aspect of their property management business. Winter photography was completed in March (as seen here in an earlier post), I returned this summer to complete photography of their commercial holdings.

The project coincided with the opening of their beautiful new Hyatt Place Hotel, a stellar example of how forward-thinking planning and development can positively impact a city’s landscape.

Their new website has been launched and can be seen here.