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20 Dec

POLIMI – Polytechnic University of Milan

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Politecnico di Milano is the largest technical university in Italy, with over 41,000 students. Founded in 1863, it is also Italy’s oldest university and offers undergraduate, graduate and higher education courses in engineering, architecture and design.

As mentioned in an earlier post, the West of Japan / East of Europe exhibit opened at POLIMI this month. I am pleased, proud, and honored to exhibit my work there along with Marco Capitanio. A real bonus to the trip has been the opportunity to photograph many of the beautiful and historic buildings on campus.

The light of Italy at twilight is magical, I look forward to returning in the future…




15 Dec

Along the way…Milan Part I

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Milan, Italy grew on me fast and amazingly. From the historic Duomo, to Centrale Station, to the modern Feltrinelli Porta Volta, the city did not disappoint. A few street views add the backdrop to this small sampling of Milan’s architectural wonders.

Hot tip…if you are in Milan and in the mood for ramen, check out Niko Niko Ramen & Sake…the Tomato Ramen can’t be beat.



13 Dec

West of Japan / East of Europe Exhibit in Milan

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The West of Japan / East of Europe exhibit that I am collaborating with Italian architect Marco Capitanio opened today at the Milan Leonardo campus of the Polytechnic University of Milan.  The exhibit centers around the work of German architect, Bruno Taut, in Japan in the 1930’s. The Kyu Hyuga Villa is the only extant Taut-designed project in Japan. The exhibit opened in Venice in 2016, traveled to Yokohama, Japan in April 2017, then travelled on to Suzhou, China in October 2017.

The exhibition is a collaboration of co+labo Radović at Keio University in Tokyo, and the Formwork cultural association, with assistance from Professor Darko Radović at Keio University, and Professor Marko Pogacnik from the Formwork at the University of Venice in Italy.

Thank you very much to Professors Orsina Simona Pierini, Marco Biraghi, and Marco Imperadori in the Architecture Department at POLIMI for their support in this collaboration.

A special thank you to Marco Capitanio, it has been a true pleasure to work with him on these exhibits. Next up our work will travel to the Norwegian Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden for a special exhibit opening February 7, 2018.


20 Oct

Along the Way…Shanghai

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A real treat and bonus of traveling to Suzhou, China for the West of Japan / East of Europe exhibit at Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, was the opportunity to spend time in the amazing city of  Shanghai and the wonder of Pudong. Pudong is a Jetsons-like world of modern architecture with the easily distinguishable Shanghai Tower (aka Twisting Dragon), the Shanghai World Financial Center (aka The Bottle Opener), and the bubbly, looks-best-at-night, Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower.

The gallery starts en route from Hong Kong Airport…


16 Oct

Suzhou Museum of Imperial Kiln Brick

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The Suzhou Museum of Imperial Kiln Brick was designed by Chinese architect Liu Jiakun. It is built on the historic site of Lumu Imperial Kiln in Xiangcheng, Suzhou, and is dedicated to protecting the valuable historic relics there. It was an eye-opening experience to visit the ancient grounds and the museum which was a visual treat from entrance to exit. Of particular interest was the interior of the ancient kiln (seen below).

For more information on this treasure, here is a link to a film created and co-presented by Shard Island and Architectural Journal.



13 Oct

Along the way…Suzhou, China

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The ancient city of Suzhou, the so-called Venice of the East, is rapidly changing, and what was farmland a few short years ago is now  steel, pavement, and glass. Suzhou is also home to the famed Suzhou Gardens revered around the world for their design and beauty. The West of Japan / East of Europe exhibit opened at Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University this month. It was a wonderful opportunity to experience and learn of an ever-changing urban landscape and culture; here a mix of old and new…from the beauty and depth of the Master of Nets Garden, to a twilight stroll along a canal, to the eye-catchiness of  the recently opened Gate to the East building (mocked as “The Pants” for obvious reasons) …




10 Oct

West of Japan, East of Europe Exhibit in Suzhou, China

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Rockland Photographer Dave Clough to Exhibit in China

ROCKLAND, Maine – October 10, 2017 – Rockland-based architectural photographer Dave Clough is traveling to Suzhou, China, this month to display his photographs of German architect Bruno Taut’s Kyu Hyuga Bettei  — a renowned villa in Japan.

New, complete drawings of Taut’s design by Italian architect Marco Capitanio will be displayed with Clough’s images during the “West of Japan / East of Europe” exhibition organized and hosted by Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University on October 18. 

Curated by Capitanio, the exhibit reveals how the villa blends Taut’s personal reflection on Japanese architecture with his European sensibility. Juxtaposed drawings and pictures help visitors compare the project’s form and proportion with its appearance.

The exhibition is a collaboration of co+labo Radović at Keio University in Tokyo and the Formwork cultural association, with assistance from Professor Darko Radović and Professor Marko Pogacnik from the Formwork cultural association at the University of Venice in Italy.

The exhibit will take place in conjunction with an international symposium about Kyu Hyuga Bettei and other projects that relate to designing for and within a foreign culture. Clough and Capitanio will be among the symposium’s presenters. The exhibit will then open on November 23 at Milan Politecnico in Italy as part of another symposium on Bruno Taut.

Samples of Clough and Capitanio’s work were published in the 21st Edition of Sir Banister Fletcher’s World History of Architecture, and Clough is currently photographing for a new book, “Restoring Your Historic Home – A Comprehensive Guide,” by Scott T. Hanson, due out in 2018.

For more information on the West of Japan, East of Europe exhibit…Venice, Italy 2016 is here. Yokohama, Japan 2017 is here. Pecha Kucha, Tokyo presentation is here. The exhibit next opens in Milan, Italy in December 2017. 

Images from the exhibit, symposium participants and Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University campus follow. A special thank you to the University Architecture Department and  all at XJTLU for a fantastic exhibit and symposium.



01 May

Water/Glass in Atami

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Kengo Kuma’s famed Water/Glass project is positioned on a steep hillside in the resort city of Atami in Shizuoka. Sitting directly above Bruno Taut’s Kyu Hyuga Bettei, the contrast between the old and new could not be more distinct, and yet…

As noted on Kengo Kuma and Associates website,  “The design of this villa was influenced greatly by “Hyuga” Villa, the sole project which Bruno Taut had left in Japan. The design also gained influences by the philosophies of Taut. Taut’s stay in Japan lasted from 1933 until 1936. Meanwhile, his praise over Katsura Palace was ever-lasting. The reasoning for his commendation lied in the fact that the Palace frames the nature yet frames by being one with nature.

Taut specifically paid attention to mechanisms in Katsura Palace that provoked the framing of nature with nature: the eaves and the bamboo verandas. Thus, in our villa, a layer of water which gently covers the building edges signified bamboo verandas in Katsura. Moreover, a stainless louver that roofs the water signified the eaves. The water surface stretches further out and unites the surface with the Pacific Ocean. And on top of the joined surface, a glass box floats. As the box is super-imposed numerous times, refraction of materials brings in reflections of sorts. The relationship between the subject and the environment is challenged upon in various manners by re-defining and re-shaping the Katsura philosophy, yet always maintaining its fundamental essence.”

Originally built as a private guest house, it is now the ATAMI Kaihourou, a luxury hotel. A rare opportunity was recently presented to photograph its famed Water Balcony, but what I discovered was that from the ground on up, the structure was amazing … and photogenic.


28 Apr

PechaKucha, Tokyo #146

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Roppongi was buzzing when Marco Capitanio and I arrived at SuperDeluxe for our joint PechaKucha presentation on Bruno Taut in Japan on April 26th. Here we were to present at THE birthplace of PechaKucha!  Great to be introduced and interviewed by co-founders Mark Dytham and Astrid Klein of Klein Dytham architecture. Many thanks to PechaKucha for the images documenting the evening.

To view our six minute and forty second presentation, just click here.


Needless to say it was a blast!